Puppy Classes

At Wag-A-Lot we offer puppy classes to guide you through your puppies early upbringing. Whilst it is important for your puppy to learn general obedience, there are many more aspects that need to be considered in order to turn your puppy into the perfect family pet. 

Throughout Wag-A-Lot puppy training classes, you will be shown techniques to use in order to teach your puppy how to behave. You will also be advised on the importance of socialisation and how to expose your puppy to different sights and sounds. 




Puppy Classes Bicester

Using methods based on positive reinforcement, Wag-A-Lot puppy classes will cover the following:

  • Shaping - encouraging your puppy to think for themselves

  • Building the perfect bond with your puppy

  • Owner focus - teaching your puppy that you are more exciting to be with than any distraction

  • Recalls - so your puppy will respond to their name 

  • Retrieves - not only so your puppy will bring back toys, but also so you can easily retrieve any stolen items!

  • Socialisation - teaching your puppy how to behave around new dogs and people

  • Simple methods to help your puppy learn how to behave near the road, bikes, livestock and other distracting and/or scary situations  

  • Basic obedience - sit, down, stay etc

  • Basic manners - settling, going to bed etc 

Remember, puppies are just babies - the most important thing is that they have lots of FUN!

Puppies must have been fully vaccinated before they can attend. Vaccination records must be shown at your first session.  

Puppy classes are held in Merton near Bicester, Oxfordshire.

£10 per class (to be paid in one block in advance)

Spaces are very limited so book now to avoid disappointment!

Puppy Classes Bicester

What do Wag-A-Lot puppy classes cover?

Puppy Classes in Bicester, Oxfordshire