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Whatever the weather!

So these past two weeks really have been 'typically British' in terms of how quickly the weather can change - one minute you have 30 degree heat - the next you need your umbrella! When walking dogs it is really important to take this into consideration as the weather should have a big impact on the decisions you make as a professional dog walker (or indeed as a dog owner).

In the heat, I would avoid walking around lunchtime when the sun is at it's highest, choosing instead to have either an early morning walk or early evening walk. I would also try to walk near water where is possible so that the dogs can cool off and also have lots of fun!

Below is a video of Henry and his friends cooling off during their walk in the heat this week.


As is to be expected, the heat hasn't lasted so back to the brollies it is! When it is raining I try to walk in areas that don't accumulate too much mud (although in the winter this isn't really possible) and, particularly if it is windy, I'll avoid areas with any strong running water.

Additionally, I adjust my dog walking kit accordingly. Towels are a must to dry dogs off before settling them back in their home and I also carry dog coats to ensure none of my four legged clients get too cold.

We walk whatever the weather at Wag-A-Lot but ALWAYS adjust our dog walking plans to ensure the safety of our furry friends.

Check out our Wag-A-Lot Dog Walking page here.

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