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Agility Classes - Almost full!

The Wag-A-Lot agility classes have been so popular that we now have two beginner agility classes running each week, on Mondays and Wednesday. The handlers and dogs in each of these groups are just fantastic! We have such an array of different breeds, from a Chihuahua to a German Shepard x Belgium Shepherd - all of which are having so much fun learning how to jump the jumps and go through the tunnels.

Wag-A-Lot agility classes are based on fun and positive reinforcement to train the dogs so treats and toys are really important in order to reward all good behaviour. This means that dogs WANT to learn and ENJOY learning which makes the experience for dog and handler so much more fun.

Here are some photos of Monday evening agility classes.

We currently have one space available on Monday and Wednesdays so if you are interested - please get in touch!

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